So… I could babble alot tonight… but I really don't want to.

Just a few things without getting too detailed.

Men suck.  Still they do.  No offense to the good ones here… just saying it's been a horrible week.  One guy stopped talking to me… a bunch of others came out of the woodwork… some ok, some bad.  Just draining to deal with all of them and deal with the loss at the same time.  I feel like the one that's stopped talking to me died.  I feel like I'm in mourning over him… and it sucks.

I've been sick… for way too many weeks to count.  I know… I'm always sick… dirty hypochondriac… yeah yeah yeah.  A few details because I'm tired of saying I'm just sick… Stomachache… Not eating, and then eating alot because I'm so hungry from the not eating… and this thing where I am belching… and unable to breathe at the same time… Personally I think it's either an ulcer or GERD… but what the hell do I know… I'm not a doctor… I just have internet access.  All I'm doing is waiting for whatever it is to get so bad that I have to go to a doctor… because until I'm showing real signs they will just pat me on the head and send me home… which sucks.

What else…

I need some real human contact… I'm starting to lose it.  I want to talk on the phone… I want to hang out, and I want to have a job.  I want friends…. damnit.

That's it.  I could say more but why… it's all quite pointless tonight.  I kept waiting to post a blog where I would just talk until there was nothing more to say… but I'm so tired that it just doesn't matter.

Thanks for reading this if you did… if not, no worries. 

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  1. j. 13 years ago

    the truth you speak. men are the suck.

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