I know what people are going to say when they read this.

 "Oh he never really had OCD."

"His must have been really mild."

"What a fake, why is he even here?"

Well I'm here to tell you for one that yes I still have OCD. I don't think it's possible to just suddenly shed OCD from you. Not after the the tremendous impact and toll it takes on your life and your psyche. But somehow, it's lessened.

 At work they started making it my job to clean the bathrooms. Partly because I am one of 5 guys that works there when the rest are girls… But I believe it is mainly because my boss knows I have OCD. He was trying to cure me. Now he didn't necessarily destroy OCD symptoms. But basically he just exposed me to the bathrooms (one of my major obsessions) enough to where I became habituated, or used, to the stimuli and the fear.

I still scrub like a madman when I clean myself up afterwards. I still hate going in there and breathing in other people's waste. But for some strange reason it doesn't bother me as much as it did before.

Not only that but i have had other miraculous changes which may be attributed to the bathroom exposure response prevention therapy, or to the fact that I have an amazing new girl in my life. She's incredible and I have to wrap this up because soon she'll wake and we're going to get coffee at our favorite coffee shop.

I can now: touch shoes, touch certain floors, touch door knobs, trust my car doors are locked (usually), not have things even or symmetrical, touch my face, eat/drink after people… And there are so many more things that I find incredible that I can do.

There are still a lot of things I can't do. But these things will possibly come in time. And if they don't then I am still very happy with what I can now do. Life is suddenly opening up for me.

I only fear a relapse. 


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