So I'm new here, and this would be my first glorious blog entry, minus the glorious part however.

I found this site through a friend.  I know a couple of friends here from another site, but I guess I was interested in an anxiety forum in general. The other that I belong to is not based on such issues. Not sure what Im looking to get out of this though.  I dont consider myself some great advice giver or anything like that, so contributions on the board seem pointless really.  And maybe I know what I'm supposed to about anxiety already, but Im thinking I just felt a need to be around people that share my issues.

At times it's just a comfort to belong to a community where I dont have to explain what Im feeling, because so many others feel the very same way.  There is some kind of weird comfort in that.  Not that it makes me happy to know other people suffer, but I guess If I have to suffer, at least Im around ppl that can understand it for the most part and wont judge.  Maybe even get some support when I need it.  I'll try to give that back, just not so sure how good at it, I am. But I'm willing to try!

My life is dull, so dont know what to say about that.  Full of disappointments and pain.  But Im sure many might say that?  Just trying to take it day by day at times and somehow come out of this with a few battles under my belt.

So "Hi" to all of you and I look forward to making friends here.



 PS.  Oh damn, is there no "spell checker" on here?? LOL


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  1. CohibaGirl 13 years ago

    Thanks all of you, so very much for all your words.  Thanks for taking time to respond and be kind to me.  I needed that, Im thinking.  Okay so no spell it! LOL! 

    take care as well, SS!!

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