like the title says. I have nothing better to do with my time. I did nothing all day today, I didnt talk to people much. I stayed home most of the day. Monday and Tuesday was an ok day, wed sucked, yesterday was hard and so was today. I have a hard time leaving the house, even tho i want to buy this game i cnat even get myself to drive out there. Yesterday I tried to drive to my grandmas house, i drove in cirlces for a while and then i finally decided that I couldnt make the drive out there and I came back home. I just kept pulling U turns it was stupid but when I got close to the stoplight to get onto the free way i would pull a Uturn and head back home when when i get close to the stop light close to my house i would pull a Uturn and go back the other way… it was stupid. I didnt know what to do so i just drove back home with out really getting anywhere. Then today I cancelled my chiropractor appointment because I wasnt able to drive out there, it just freaked me out. I have been trying to get myself to go and get that game that I want to play from the mall which is like 15 mins away from my house but I just cant get myself to leave. Its so lonely where I am. My gf texts me a lil but its nothing like having real company. Im taking sam-e and i have to drink a lof of water with it because if i dont I can get an upset stomache so Ive been drinking LOADS of water and having to pee like every 7 mins today. At least my body was hydrated and i didnt get an upset stomache but because i had to pee so much I really couldnt go any where if I wanted to. I am so bored, but I cant leave the house. its so stupid. I answered the phone today cuz i thought it would be harmless but it was my uncle who wanted this game that we have in our garage but our garage is full of shit like litterally full of dumb useless crap, so much fricken clutter and i told him that ill have my dad take care of it but i know he’s not going to. I feel so empty. I feel so lonely and i dont know what to do with myself. I dont know who to talk to. I just want a friend i guess or not i cant make up my mind, i am socially incablable at the moment I wouldnt be good company to anyone cuz i cant even hold a good converstation anymore. My family is leaving for maui on monday then i will be alone for a week. I dont know what im going to do by myself. I hate falling asleep and I hate waking up.


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