I went out a bit more today and worked out some, so hopefully I can get to sleep better tonight. Today the adopted brother went back to how he was before. He's hitting people again, throwing things, crying and throwing tantrums everytime that he doesn't get what he wants. I miss him somewhat behaving, but oh well. I guess he was bound to go back to how he was since punishment isn't reinforced with him. What's funny is that I've been spending more time with my boyfriend's brother then with my boyfriend, I think it's pretty funny. What's even more funny is that if me and his brother went to school together then we probably would have been good friends, I find it a bit funny since I know that if me and my boyfriend went to the same school in high school then we wouldn't had been friends.

Oh, a fun little fact that I read about a day or two ago, did you know that underground bunkers are starting to come back in? For some people they might have lived through it, other people might have heard about it, but during the Cold War it was a big thing in America, a lot of buildings in small towns still have underground bunkers. But I guess a bunch of people had bought underground bunkers right after the Cold War and now business is booming. The thing is, one company is selling bunkers ranging from $400,000-$4 million and they range from being able to hold 10-4,000 people and sustain them from 1-5 years (depending on what one you buy). Other companies are doing kind of like a time share version of the bunkers, other companies are basically renting them $45,000 or $50,000 for adults and $25,000 for kids.

So I guess if something does happen in 2012 then the insanely rich and paranoid will inherate the Earth lol I found it funny. But ya…just a boring day so far.


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