So today I had a band concert. The concert went fine, but I was physically drained at the end. I had trouble breathing, and my clothes didn't fit right. I was sweating the whole time. I couldn't play half the notes because I couldn't breathe. I've always had congestion issues. I think I'm going to go ot the doctor tomorrow.

When I got home, my mom got on my case because I asked her if she was coming home tongiht. She was at the concert with her boyfriend, and tends to spend her entire weekend at his place. I asked her that as I ran into her after the concert. She said that " Rick felt bad" which I'm pretty sure means that she was made for being made look bad. Ever since she has been seeing this guy, she is never home on weekends, never home to help me, my brother, or keep an eye on my sister, who is 16.

She enables behaviors. My brother goes out and gets drunk and nearly gets beat up. Does she do anything about it? No. My sister has C's and D's in school, but does she do anything about it? No. She lets her skip school with her boyfriend, who is a Senior. It's like she doesn't care about this family anymore.

I don't know what to do anymore. I'm tired and depressed everyday. She won't get off my case about me not warming up to her bf. But what I am I to do?! She loves him more than she loved my dad. He's been dead two years now, and it's like he never existed. She acts like the 25 years she were married to him were hell. She went from a caring mother to one who chooses not to be home with her family…..

I don't know what to do anymore. I need help.

  1. proanamia 9 years ago

    It's DEFINITELY not okay for a mother to be staying away from home with her boyfriend when she has a 16 year old daughter. Since your sister doesn't have an older sister to look up to, he mother is the woman in her life that's supposed to be the good example. By staying away with her bf, she's showing her daughter that it's okay to do the same thing. As long as she has any kids living at home with her, she shouldn't be behaving like a college girl. I'm surprised a woman her age wouldn't see that.

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  2. thomefan 9 years ago

    I agree wholeheartedly! I mean, spending Saturday into Sunday is fine, but the weekdays, when she should be there to support her, and this house?! It's too much. I feel like I have become the parent/owner of the house.

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