where do i begin? so I am a 27 year old hearing impaired mother of two small precious babies. I am currently unemployed, single, and raising my babies on my own while their father is in jail. How did this come about? I am living a family curse. Alcoholism,Depression,Addiction,Abuse, they all run in my family. My mother is from a family of 10 kids, half of them died already including the parents. From what I understand my mom's parents were alcoholics and physically abusive to my mom, aunts, and uncles. They all talk about my grandmother and grandfather with great love and admiration so I don't know exactly how bad the beatings were or how they were when they were drunk. I remember my grandmother as someone I looked up to with great love and admiration myself. I don't remember seeing her drink or beating anyone so maybe she outgrew it. Anyhow ever since I was young I can remember my father and mother fighting, beating up on each other, screaming at each other, doing drugs and drinking together. They would hit us kids as punishment too, scream at us. One night was really bad though I had a friend sleepover my house and my mom who was drunk decided to leave in the middle of the night to see a friend she told me to not tell my dad. Anyhow being hearing impaired I woke up out of my sleep thinking I heard something but wasn't sure because I couldn't hear well, I walked down the stairs and it was dark but then I could hear my dad and mom screaming my dad was stomping on my mom yelling and he went to throw a tv on her head but I prevented it. I rushed my mom up the stairs my dad proceeded to follow us and continue to try attacking my mom. Anyhow to make a long story short, my dad ended up breaking a beer bottle on my mother's head, she had to go to the emergency room to get staples and he went to jail. The next day we moved from nj to california leaving everyone and everything behind. to be continued……


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