I don’t want to put down anymore roots in this place. I want to get out. I need to get out. My manager and I were talking about how much living here SUCKS. And I told him I wanted to transfer to a different store. He told me if I wait a while he can make me co manager and then transfer me to one of the new stores that is opening up as a co manager. That would be really freakin awesome! I wouldn’t be in charge of the store but I’d still be higher up than where I am now plus making more money. Plus I’d have a chance to start all over in a new place with new people. So why is this happening to me now????? I have  one good friend here we’ve hung out a couple times, I talk to him online all the time and tonight we hung out again only we were watching tv and we started snuggling. And it felt soooo good. And I’m afraid I’m starting to have feelings for him. I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want to feel like I have to stay here just cuz of him (if we were to start dating). And I’m hoping that maybe what I’m feeling is just because I haven’t been close to a guy for months and months and I’m hoping that I just liked the snuggling well because it was snuggling and who doesn’t like snuggling? Please let it be just that and let these feelings go away. Cuz I seriously didn’t want to leave him. I could have stayed there and snuggled all night. Like right now I miss him, I miss being close to him. It’s only been an hour since I left him. And we talked about dating in the past but because I wasn’t over my ex and I had no feelings for this guy I said no. And now what is happening??? I felt all tingly when he touched me. Go away feelings..go away now..go way far away….

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  1. Himer 13 years ago

    Nikki, you are getting hit with an arrow from cupid…. just sit back and relax.. its a good thing.. nothing better than feeling tingly..  u know in the back of your head what u want.. and it sounds like your feeling it now.. so go for it.. remember, you cant snuggle alone… i hope everything will go your way…

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