So next month I am attending court for the guy who gave me HIV, according to the officer he is planning on pleading guilty to the girls in which are negative because apparently it is a lesser charge. He will not plead guilty to the charges of the females who are HIV+. I for one do not understand how having sex with someone and not giving them HIV is less when your still putting them at risk. I also hate the fact that he has a mouth piece lawyer that would really want to try and help someone like that. This guy is a coward and needs to pay the price for things he has done. He hurt alot of people involved not only in this case but people close to the "victims". He wants to try and say that some of the girls knew he had it and didnt care, others he says already had it. I know that if I would have known I wouldn't have had anything to do with him. Im very mad with what may happen at the prelim, and am in doubt that I can really trust myself with him sitting so close to me. I dont get how someone can be so irresponsible with a disease like this nor will I ever understand. I do what I have to when I have to. I hate doctors and hate needles even more but I do my shit. I will never get my revenge for what he did and I hope he deals with his demons everyday, and that someone hurts him just as bad as he hurt so many others. He stole my identity and I hate that I try to rebuild it everyday. I can't handle the nightmares and I hate the fact that not to long ago I wanted to just give up and let him win. I know I have strength to do what I need to in order to make sure he pays the price. But its gonna be hard to just say my piece and walk away. I will do my best to move on, but I will never forgive and never forget the pain he put me through for so long. And even now that Im not with him I'm still in pain. I have guilt because I shouldve forced him to use protection or not had sex with him at all. I guess thats what happens when you look for love in all the wrong places.

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  1. Ishere 11 years ago

    I wish you luck on your case

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