So I have had it up to here with the disrespect. I'm tired of no one appreciated ANYTHING that I do! WTF am I supposed to do? Do I have to be flippin' perfect, or am I destined to just never have the ability to make anyone happy.

Me and my boyfriend got in the stupidest fight. Over a movie… no joke. We had just seen a movie last night, and it was pretty stupid, but I watched it, because that's what he wanted to watch. He likes stupid stoner movies, and I think they're okay- I won't lie, but still… after a while I get tired of watching the same thing. So today I wanted to see Valentine's Day. My day hasn't gone that great. I slept from 5 to 9. Before that I was at work and then after coming home I watched the Tsunami thing online until falling asleep from how boring it was. Then after waking I folded two baskets of mine and my boyfriends clothes, and washed dishes. I was a little agitated because I had to do all this. My boyfriend- his name's zach btw, so I don't have to keep typing "my boyfriend"- never does any of his clothes. The funny thing is, and I must warn you, this is pretty hilarious, when I told him today how I wanted to watch Valentine's Day and how I didn't appreciate the fact that I have to do his clothes and he won't even let me watch a movie that I want to, he tries to say "Well you don't have to do my clothes. It's your choice. You don't have the right to throw that in my face." The thing is… it is my choice and I do it just because of the goodness in my heart, but there have been times when I just refuse to do his laundry. But when I do this it just makes everything harder on me, because he waits until his pile of dirty laundry gets HUGE before washing any of them. This makes the room look messy. Also, because that isn't enough, after washing his clothes he keeps them in a basket forever before actually folding them and putting them away. I have to hassle him into actually putting up his laundry, which only makes our arguing worse.

God- I swear if things don't get better I'm so leaving. I'm fucking tired of this. I can't do everything. I wanted something so simple- a fucking romance/comedy movie. But he hates romance…. which is apparent in his living practices, because he is no where near romantic on any level. Fuck him. I'm tired of trying to make him so happy, and getting nothing in return. I know that you're supposed to give without expecting anything in return, but this is just ridiculous. He treats our relationship like a dictatorship! No wonder I can't find myself anymore…. I don't get to do anything that I want to! Omg I know I sound like such a pathetic brat, but this has been going on for a long time….. I can't wait till I have enough money to move out….

Hopefully I can stop falling for his lies- You know, the ones where he says he loves me and he'd do anything for me. Anyways peace out



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