Well dad came home yesterday and settled into his home where he wanted to be and that in itself makes him feel better.  I went to see him and mom today and he does look better and says he feels better.  He still doesn't have good balance and I worry cause he falls so frequently but has been lucky not to break anything.  I watched him today as he walked across the street with Landon to see the neighbor there and brag on Landon and he didn't take his cane.  I held my breath till he came back thinking he might take a fall but he did ok.

He told me he didn't remember anything about the attack until all was done and he'd been brought back and then asked what party did I go to and who brought me home…..*laughing* he can be funny sometimes so that was a good sign.  He told me he might not be as lucky next time and to be prepared but who can be totally prepared for something like this?

When dad was out of the house mom told me he's dying quickly none of his medications are working he takes a pill and it comes out in his colostomy (sp?) bag whole like when he took it so nothing is being absorbed by his body.   I worry a lot about dad and know his time is limited but I'm just thankful for the time I have with him now.

I really worry about mom and how she's so worried about dad and not doing well herself.  She's tired, run down and can't hardly do a thing.  I tried to do some things for them today and they fussed at me to sit down and just visit because of my knee and ankle.  They got so happy seeing Landon I'm glad I took him with me it brightened up their day and brought much needed smiles to their faces. 

I've had a dream, a very vivid one that stays with you all day…I saw my mom in her coffin in her ocean blue dress and hair all done up.  I couldn't touch her knowing how a person feels so stone like when they are gone I wanted to remember her soft skin instead.  When I looked at her face it was almost as if I saw a small smile one telling me things will be fine and not to worry….I had that dream again last night and I know it's from the past few days and what has happened and my worrying about her but it haunts me making me believe when dad does go she will also.  They've been married 55yrs depending on the other and if for some reason she does go before dad he won't live long either but at least I do know they will be together when they get to their home in heaven.

Again thank you everyone who have said prayers and have asked about them in chat.  I appreciate that more than you know.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    Yes, it is very wise of you to cherish this time together.  I pray they do not suffer and the passing is a peaceful one

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