Its been a challanging couple of weeks .. First of all Vacation did not go as planned , Gwen our 2 year old Jack Russell ripped her Travel Crate , how ever once we left her out to roam the room she did perfectly fine . However we couldn't be gone for hours upon hours . We never got any time alone . His family was constantly calling , he didn't know how to stand up & say no . On top of that Hubby decided he wanted to have some drinks & this turned him into a butt hole who ran his mouth , this was not a turn on . Of course his solution for all of this is to blow money . THis just ticked me off . ON the 3rd day of the trip we found out that one of our cars needed an expensive part , Then on the 6 day of the trip we went Parasailing & hubby got a call on his phone from the front desk complaining about our dog barking . aparently the maid tried to go into our room to give us towles , when we had a do not disturb sign on our door , of course she coudn't because Gwen wouldn't let her in . Now we were on the 9th floor, no one had up on that floor all week long , hubby had already paid the pet fee & room fee , they wanted us to pay cleaning fee plus other stuff . We said we wouldn't do that, we ending packing up early & comming home 5 hour drive .. The next day we found out that our car bill was higher than we expected , hubby had a complete manic melt down & we ended getting into arugement , the whole week was shot all to hell because he showed his ass . Hubby really does not realize how stressful his illness can be , he does not realize that at times I am the care taker , I grocery shop , I"m the one who cooks because he doesn't know how , I'm the one who does the laundry because he doesn't know how , I'm the one who keeps the home running , I'm the one who organizes him , Even when we didn't live together & I lived at my moms .. Hubby has to realize that none of this eazy , especially when I also do stuff for my own mother .. I just wish some times he would learn to do for himself & cut a little bit of break .. Finally this last week here has been rough , hubby has had been dealing with a horrible tooth ache , standing from his last cavity he had filled at the begining of the month , the denist told he would have some post op sensititivy , poor man has had on & off pain , hasn't felt good monday or Tuesday , felt a little bit better today , has an apt with the densit the 2nd of OCt praying he will making until then .. Of course during all this he has been a major baby , the whine & cry , my lord I had an 8 LB baby via C- section & didn't complain that much .. Suck it up MR…


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