Last Tuesday at group, one of the members outside the meeting reamed my guy about me, trying to talk to me,etc. Taking the  protocal to the extreme. Ragging because I was there. Once in side , my guy looked so sad, so broken up inside, I couldn't take it anymore. I went up to that jerk, and confronted him. He refused to go into the hall for a private discussion , so I went back in and in front of everyone  confronted him. Let him know that….surprize, I was always there becasue I was paid staff, not just someone there to jack with guys in the program. Told him that the lies about me, a staff member, were gonna stop. I refused to let him continue trashing me, and trashing a program participant about me , and trying to get someone kicked out of the program because of this insane bullshit. oh no…..that dog don't  hunt!!!  I still support the program, and any of my friends recovery. Officially I told him , that I would relenquish my being staff at those meetings, and would not  longer be there every Tu night, because I refused to let my p resence there be an excuse for one participants ego trying to control the Recovery House, and treat others in the house like  dirt. God is god, & not that guy. My heart, and body is clean, and so is my guys that is in the program. Told Chris that he needed to stop trying to make stuff up about other peoples flesh, and get  his flesh at the foot of the cross. Chris disrespected the other leaders there, and I hope he gets kicked out of the program. Told thim that  I wanted him to continue being successul in recovery, but his success was due to a Higher power, not  because of any haircut, or anything he did out of his own flesh.Told him that God was in control of everyone there, and we all had to  answer for our stuff, and clean out the junk in our lives.There was no excuse for his pompus treatment of staff or the other participants in the program. When I was done he told me it was his turn to talk. Told him I was staff, he had spent the last 3 weeks talking out of his flesh, and now was the time for him to shut up , listen, and get quiet before God, he needed to confess  these horrid things that he's been saying and doing towards others there, and ask forgiveness. Other t han that , th is was his time to hust up, and let others in charge lead the rest of the meeting as they were scheduled to do. And I turned around , and left.  I respect the program, and all those in ti. In time the programs issues will get resolved, but t he things that are indidivual issues trying to jack up the program, & others,needed to be addressed then. God is in control, and wants us to be free from  addicitons, our flesh, and the lies of the world trying to crap us up.   


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