Hello all again,

It's Day 2 of 30 blogs in 30 days.  I'm still doing good on not asking thev questons for  reassurance stiil, but  I'm still frustrated by my OCD's control over my life.  I'm  better able to tell myself that things  I think could have touched me or could have happened,  in reality couldn't possibly have happened,  and therefore  I don't have to feel as anxious if I forgot to put something into my question.  I'm not having to ask what my parent's answer to my questions were multiple times, now instead of asking " What was your answer ? " three or four times,  I just ask it once, sometime twice now.  But the thing is that  I still have to ask " What was your answer ? " at all.  I think I mentioned this already, but I'm doing a better job of telling myself "  You know this didn't touch this, or that didn't touch that "  but  I still have to ask that too.  I'm beginging to wonder if I'm EVER going to be able to stop asking the questions completely.   I'm  able to fuction better now,  as far  as not having  to ask the questions before  I get my plate and cup to get my supper each night,  but  I still  can not get to sleep without asking the questions,  which can take several minutes.  I'm trying to cut the length of the questions down,  but they don't seem to be getting shorter on a regular basis,  they get  shorter more  often now than they use to,  but they don't get shorter night to night,  one night  the questions may take   five miutes,  the next  3,  the next night 6,  the next night 5,  when they should be decreasing in  length   from  one night  to the next .  


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