i have three memories that are my earliest ones, the first is just blackness, and i hear a voice i see a screen and i can see myself later in life, and i can see time passing i could push a button and stop it, i chose, i remember blackness, then light, i remember being strapped down, and i remember extreme pain, i promise i am honest here, and i remember screaming, i remember because i forced myself to, because i felt like i was wronged, so i grew up a few years and i learned about circumcision and said that makes sense, i was fine but when i was alone i would think why is it okay to cut me? why is it perfectly legal, because of this, i felt like i was obviously less than the next ones, it made me antisocial especially in school. it damaged my relationship with my own family, as well as my ability to keep friends, it teaches the infant mind from the beginning that he is alone in danger, not protected, betrayed, it affects the mind from the first day of life, doctors love to say hes too young to remember, thats what they told my mom, they say its for hygene, ask a mother of an uncircumcised son how hard it is to care for his hygene, ask another how hard it is to keep the wounds from getting infected, they say 2 of 100 males get uti, and circumcision helps that, 5 of 100 girls get them, and they get an antibiotic, not cut on, they are protected from that under law, circumcision can be very traumatizing, and the doctors say he might wonder why he looks different from his father, like we cant say we were stupid before and used to believe that cutting skin off cures things, but we thought we would spare you the pain, a 3 year old could understand that. it is hard for a man to admit he is damaged, but once he does he realizes that he is allowing the same thing to happen to the next generation, some just cant see what they are doing to their children because they don’t know what they lost, its sad, and its a vicious cycle that needs to end, i fear many doctors reasons may be lies and statistics flawed and biased, and i wonder why they seem to refuse to stop this, could it be money, might money be worth more than sparing some defencless infants a lot of pain? i think they are selling foreskins and blood for stem cell research or something just a theory, why else would they make a new lie when parents start wising up to them? im not saying all doctors lie, im just saying it sure seems like someone wants badly to keep it going the american academy of pediatrics sais ” no infant should go through unnecissary pain” yet even though every other day a child dies because his circumcision wounds got infected, they still recommend neither for or against it. i do this only for the future generation, we can make the world a bit more hospitable. i think that remembering is a blessing because i might not have the drive to try to help change, ya know? but i would kill to have not had it done, jk but seriously, its uncomfortable as hell all your life, its for this reason i support this petition, ill post the link in the next one since i dont think that counts as original material, but this really means a ton to me we only have 251 signitures to go until 10000. please consider just reading it and if you agree, please from the bottom of my heart please share the link because we are very close now-william sexton


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