I have started to watch conspiracy videos. Chem trials, 9/11,human cloning, ¬†even the moon being a hologram? Such strange ideas or concepts. Though- When I saw the movie trailer for- A cure for wellness.. It shows images of :tanks: that hold people- A lot like the cloning concept. Not only does this movie show these ideas, but so does the new movie “Passengers” (same idea kinda). Along with a few others coming out in the start of 2017 alone.

These things kind of scare me, these trends. Some believe in aliens. Why not- its a big universe, galaxy etc. There has got to be something more. Are you still with me? Well i do not doubt that scientist have put funds towards such ideas, It seems as they are trying to “introduce” these ideas before “it” happens. They start cloning. Or talking of their “Lizard god” that or w.e the Scientologist believe in.

Maybe it’s just that today is Inauguration Day- and I rather keep my mind busy with ANYTHING other than that. . How the F did we get to the point that he is becoming our president.. Moving on- I know this all sounds like a crazy ramble- but you never know.

Chem trails alone is a scary concept. Why are they dropping all that “ish” on us? Is it to keep us sedated? Or controllable? I have had a hard enough time beating addiction. I dont need that on top of it! Thats where a “cure for wellness” kicks in. They make us all sick so that we NEED to get better or we are more controllable. Scary thought.

Let me leave you with one more scary thought… The simpsons predicted a lot of things. ALOT. Down to the VERY ride down that damn escalator… It happened almost EXACTLY as the depicted it. Even down to a Man dropping a sign… WTF? Look up the video.. its nuts. I hope for those of you- who are also having a hard time today, things get eaiser. For those of you for TRUMP, to each their own. You have that right and there is nothing wrong with that. Stay sane guys <3


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