So I’m demifluid and I’ve been debating whether or not I want to come out at school and I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to start by coming out to one class. I almost did a week or so ago but there were other teachers I didn’t know observing the class and another classmate came out so I didn’t want to take away their coming out moment so yeah but anyways I’m thinking maybe tomorrow if I can figure out how. It’s a really small class who I trust and they understand the concepts of demigender and genderfluid so it shouldn’t be too hard to explain my gender that is literally just a mix of the two but the only problem is that I just don’t know how to bring it up. Like I don’t want it to be a huge thing I just wanna explain like “Hey this is my gender and pronouns. Any questions?” and then carry on with the rest of class but I don’t know how to do that.  Any advice cause like I’m gonna search the entire internet for advice but I don’t know if I’ll find anything before that class tomorrow.

  1. Author
    sh2004 2 years ago

    Like specifically how to start the conversation like I can do most of the conversation but I just don’t understand the beginning. I don’t ever really start any conversations. Also, I’m a lil bit nervous because I’m not ready to come out to my best friend yet and she would be in the next door classroom.

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  2. avery14 2 years ago

    u might not want to but it is up to u if u can’t take people being ass holes to u then u are goin want to watch who u tell cuz people might make fun of u cuz u are different be u be u

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  3. julian-alli 2 years ago

    You are amazing, you are valid, loved, and very brave. You will inspire many more people.

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  4. Author
    sh2004 1 year ago

    Update; I was going to come out but when I got to the class there were a bunch of other teachers who I don’t know observing the class so that scared me but now this year I have a class that I could possibly come out in so it’s either this year or college.

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