Okay, here's the thing. My secret fantasy–well, not completely secret, and especially now that I'm telling you. lol

I'm sick of clothes! I want to go naked all the time. Naked, naked, naked, NAKED! lol Okay, not all the time–when I'm cold or whatever, I want to be wearing clothes. But most of the time I just feel like going around in the nude. I can't stand bras (I never wear them anymore unless I'm going to town or there are guys around–yet another reason I don't like leaving home; I feel that I have to put a bra on if I'm around people other than my sisters). Clothes are a bother when I'm working in the mud, etc. It's not that hard to have to wash myself off, but having to wash clothes…eeeeeeeek! Yeah, the thought of that can keep me from working. If I weren't wearing clothes then I wouldn't have to worry about them getting dirty. Does this make sense to anyone else?

That's another thing; I sweat and I hate it. I don't usually wear deodorant/anti-perspirant 'cause I have this thing about that obviously there's a reason why we sweat so I don't think it's a good idea to be stopping it all the time. And deodorant that's not anti-perspirant; what's the point? It's just adding more grime onto the sweat. And if I go and clean my armpits then I'll likely get my shirt wet–grrr. And it takes much longer for a shirt to dry than for my skin to dry, so it gets annoying. So once again…wouldn't it be much easier if I weren't wearing a shirt?!

Then there's that the whole thing just seems silly to me these days. Oh, we've gotta cover up! Cover up…what? OH, MY GOODNESS!!! I have breasts and a vagina; what a SHOCK!!!! Did you not know that??!!! Wow…you are emotionally scarred for life by seeing this…even though, chances are, you once came out through a vagina and nursed at your mother's breasts. (Sorry to create that image for any of you who might be disturbed by it. I'm not uncompassionate toward those who have other views and ideas and obsessions/fears.)

I am SICK of covering up just because other people claim that's the right and decent thing to do. Oh, and yes, I'm a Christian–one who believes that yes, the body is sacred and sex is sacred, etc. But really, Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden and that was before sin entered the world. That was perfection. They felt no need to hide. Just sayin'. Anyway, I digress…. I could say more, but I'm tired of it now, so hasta la vista, amigos.

  1. grime 10 years ago

    gdayrosie,just make sure your alone if you need to go nudie,believe me its not all that unusual how your thinking i know that from expierience ,dont feel like a big sinnah, i know your a great kid i might send you over a story about me when i was young ,a millenium ago lol. takecarerosiexoxo

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  2. RockyRose 9 years ago

    AHA!! I found your hidden TREASURE!! (blog post)

    Funny- I have breasts and a vagina too…..and last night it got real hot in my room so I wasnt wearing anything cept…undies!!

    As Rocky reveals her Deep Dark Secret..with her mysterious past!! (cue some Remington Steele music) LOL

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