Ok, so I've been on this site for over a month now and I LOVE some of the friends I've made.  I've really enjoyed my time here.  I LOVE the games section!!!!

Today's blog comes about by some private messages I've been getting from people on the Tribe.  All I have done on this site is try my best to make friends, provide support and hope that the people and support around me on this site would help me as well.  I know I've been "I want to die", but now I'm looking up.  I know my thoughts tell me I "want to die", but really I just hate being in this environment sometimes.  I've finally got that through my brain (thanks BLUE and supportive people).

OK, so back to these messages.  I have recently recieve not just one, not just two, but many messages crying for help.  The person that I am…I help!!  I talk to them and boost them up, but enough is enough when I recieve messages saying things like "you probably find that exceptable", "you'll proabably say", "you wouldn't know", plus disagree with some of my choices like not telling my family.  I can't except people putting words in my mouth.  I have been nothing but nice to all of these people and even through my busiest times of my exam and assignments and finishing up the semester, I made sure I set time aside every day to check my messages because I knew these people needed me. 

To some of these people I just haven't replied to and to others I have politely told them I don't appreciate being told what I would think or say.  None have replied. 

I don't want to lose any of these people.  I don't want anyone to see a message from me and brush me off as that girl that told me off.  I just want people to think before writing and not accuse anyone of thinking things or assuming they know what they would do.  At the end of the day, the only person that knows what people think are themselves.

That brings me to another lot of messages I have recieved bagging this site.  Let me just say that I LOVE this site and to bag the site and/or the people on it, is like bagging my family to my face.  Please don't.  I have had one message in particular saying that 'no one is ever around' 'no one wants to talk to me' 'no one likes me' and others saying things the same plus that whenever they ask for help they don't get an instant answer.  They bag that they have to wait minutes, hours if not a day, for a reply. 

OK…everyone listen up.  I felt exactly like these people.  "Why aren't people here this second because I want them NOW."  I have begun to realise that people have lives.  None of the people above liked me telling them this, but it is true.  I have realised that when I ask for help it won't come to me on a silver platter in half a milli-second.  People have lives, just like you and me.  When someone wants us I bet we are not there in half a milli-second either.  "Walk in someone elses shoes" once in a while.  Please also remember that people won't come searching for you all of the time either.  You have to message them, for them to message. 

The key message for today, is not to never talk to me.  I LOVE getting messages.  The key message for today is that I will listen to all of you forever, but someone has to listen to me, just once in a blue moon and everyone should provide support not bagging eachother.  I know I'm bagging people today, but after a few messages I thought it would blow over, but after a heap…enough is enough.   

I LOVE all 90 of my friends on here and I LOVE this site.  Just think of others as well.       

  1. bluebuddha 13 years ago

    -Hi! I'm so glad that you are feeling better. We have to understand that the people on this site are sometimes in tremendous pain, and they are scared. I try to answer or address someones blog only if I feel that I can be helpful. I answer a lot of them, but not all. Sometimes you will come across one that really isn't asking for any kind of help, they are just "venting" or writing very creatively. And thats fine, it's something they need to do. Being compassionate, understanding, listening, providing help, are really what this site is all about. I get that from people and I try my best to give that to people. You are right this is a great site, with great people and we all share a common issue being OCD…but I think that we share more which is friendship. Have a great Sunday. Talk to you soon.


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  2. Swannie 13 years ago


    You make so much sense.


     I understand feeling like you are there to support others all the time, and it can be so exhausting.


    Just want you to know that I'm thinking of you.

    You seem like a brilliant, intelligent and inspiring woman.



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