I feel like I give off the wrong impression sometimes. My natural reaction to stress is to distant myself from others. I do this as sort of a control thing. If I can't handle something going on in my life then I regain control of whatever I can. This usually is by me isolating myself, so everything that happens in my surroundings is controlled by me. It isn't to be mean, or that I don't care (which people often confuse it for) it's simply so that I can get a grip on what's happening and adjust to it. Often times I lose friends over this, because they see it as me simply not caring about them. I care about them a lot. It has nothing to do with how much I care. This is where confusion begins and friendships are lost. It's just the way I deal with things. I'm a very loving person. I tend to take on other people's problems, even though I wish I didn't. To me it's crazy that anyone would think that I don't care, when I do so much. Sometimes when I get really overwhelmed I'll shut my phone off fora few days just so I can be completely left alone. People get mad thinking that I don't want to talk to them, and when I explain that I need some time alone they usually just stop talking to be for good. This is how the majority of my friendships have been ruined. I wish things were different, but I also know that there are times where I just need to be alone. That's me. That's how I am. It isn't to offend anyone, it's simply to keep my sanity. I really wish some people would open their minds a bit more, and realize that we're all different and that's just the way it is. I don't act how people think I should act. I act like me. Take it or leave it.

  1. StormyGirlOdd 12 years ago

    I understand completely. i have lost friends myself for the same reasons. some times it is overwhelming and the best thing at the moment is to just staying in and getting ahold of ourselves. its hard to explain it to anyone who doesnt understand anxiety. most of the friends i have lost said they understood, but at the same time they thought they were special enough that they should not have been \”ignored\”. that only proves that they dont get it. i care about my friends, and value them so much because its harddd to make friends. would never intentionally ignore them. its heartbreaking when they make u out to be the bad guy. it only adds to the anxiety your already dealing with. i like how at the end u said that u act like u, not how ppl think u should act. u have a great outlook! keep it up!-stormy

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  2. veritas144k 12 years ago

    The only friends u really have are those who understand anxiety.

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