So if any of you know about the issues i've had w/ a former friend stiffing me for almost 1400 dollars then you'll know what i'm talking about. Those of you who dont…quick little tell all…i co-signed on a credit card for my best friend (since we were 12) because her parents wouldnt and she needed a comp for school. As soon as it was done i regretted it. But not as much as I did when she stopped paying it and stuck me w/ the 1400 dollar bill subsequently ruining my credit and putting me further in debt. … Now for my vent.

I'm SOOO pissed off!! Fcking a month ago out of the blue, out of NO communication AT ALL she writes me an email on myspace saying "oh my other email, myspace and SN got hacked..i didnt get any of your messages if u sent them" (not taking into acct that i also called her and texted her). She then said that she had been paying the credit card co even tho I've shut the acct so if they were getting her payment where were they applying it to. I feel this is a lie. She lied to me before saying she had been paying it but yet the card went 3 mo. w/o payment. She also told me the day i found out it went into collections that she was driving to the store to pay it right then…i took over the debt after 3 days and was told that no one had come to make a payment and if there had been an instore payment it would have been taken into effect immediatly. Then she says that had i known u paid it off i'd of been paying u.. what is ur address. So i give it to her. Now i wasn't holding my breath persay when she said this but wtf! i've not gotten any money from her. She's a lying whore. Im so tired of her! Not to mention…she's still on contact w/ a girl who's friends w/ my ex roommate in tucson (who i still am friends with) and so she tells me all these things that my ""friend"" is saying about me about how i flipped out on her ..etc. I just dont get it! why take the time and the energy to write me this email saying how u are going to pay me back and then dont do a damn thing. Like i said before, i wasn't holding my breath but part of me believed her. ONCE AGAIN I'M THE FCKING SUCKER! I'm so upset and the part that bugs me is this next Tuesday I might have to see her because i'm going to a concert at this small club and i am pretty sure shes' giong to be there as well. 🙁 🙁 I think that this is causing me anxiety becaus thinking about it is making me panic about the confrontation. I am worried that i'm not going to be able to keep it together. I am SOO angry. Like so much that when it happend i said that i'd start a fight w/ her. Now if i did i wouldn't get very far..i'm about half her size. I just have so much built up disappointment, frustration, anger, etc. :(:( Why!!!! I just want it to be OVER WITH! But no the wound just seems to keep getting reopened and salt being poured in again.

GRRRRRRR. Rant over… Thx for dealing w/ me!

  1. Shadowcage 15 years ago

    Sounds like you got every right to be pissed, your luck with friends runs about like mine also it sounds. Thats if i still had any left really, with my stupid SAD i kinda end up spending all my time alone. I really dont understand people at all, people you know your whole life, one day just turn around and stab you in your back and you try to make some sense of it and the only real answer you ever get is its like they did it for shits and giggles. I try to believe that theres some good in people but then everytime i turn around i read about more stuff like this. I just wanted to say im very sorry she did that to you, and for what its worth I for one would never do that to somebody, if i had a friend like you id never treat them like a doormat, thats really fuct up. I hope she pays you back, i loaned one of my few remaining friends 425 dollars the other month so i may be in the same boat but well see how that goes i guess………..

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  2. troubled12 15 years ago

    I am sorry to hear that you got the raw end. I am with the others if you see her and she starts something Bitch slap her she deserves it and she needs a wake up call.Good luck.


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