This year is a disaster.  It's my junior year of high school- the year with the most influence on my future.  I'm trying to drop my Honors Physics course, because I'm about to get a C.  My first ever.  According to my guidance counselor, C's in honors classes equate to B's in regular-level courses.  And that's true for the weighted GPA and such.  But I attended my school's college fair last night, and listened to a mock admissions panel representatives including those from Lafayette, Rider, the College of NJ, Seton Hall, and William Patterson discuss fake student transcripts. 


All of them zeroed in on any C's on a page, saying things like "Those C's have me worried".  One, the college I liked best and a very competitive school, even looked at them and said "Never gonna happen".  I can't possibly earn a C- I intend on attending a very prestigious and highly selective school.  For them to allow a C in, especially in my junior year, would be absolutely absurd.


Problem being, this C I'll earn in Physics if I continue taking the class.  But everyone from my Physics teacher (who's focused on a lawsuit against him for his coaching tactics in combination with legions of students who want to drop his classes), the science department supervisor (who can't figure out why nobody is learning anything from my physics teacher and wants to retain him for some reason), and my guidance counselor, who's dead-set against me dropping the class. 


I'd just force her hand, but I want to go into Zoology or Biology, and to not have a science my junior year would be virtual suicide.  REJECTED.  But if I continue in Honors Physics and get a C, REJECTED.  The lower level physics course is taught by the same incompetent and apathetic teacher, so I'd probably end up with a C in that class, too, (REJECTED) not to mention having to move my class schedule around completely. 


According to the college admissions representatives from the other night, elective classes don't carry much weight on a schedule, especially if they make you look lazy in your prospective field for not taking a more applicable class, so I can't transfer into Forensics.  If I did, you guessed it- REJECTED.  I should be taking AP Biology right now, but I can't transfer in now and the class is nearly impossible.  It's easily the most intense course offered at my high school, so if I took it, I'd get a C- REJECTED


I really don't know what to do.  I'm backed into a corner, and everyone I speak to has some kind of hidden agenda.  I'm guessing my guidance counselor will hear it from her supervisor if I change any classes whatsoever, because they're not supposed to do that and it might be seen as her fault for letting me enter the class in the first place.  My teacher, with the lawsuit and the student complaints for his apathy, time wasting in class, and refusal to offer any extra help to struggling students, seems to be grasping at straws just to keep his job.  And the science department supervisor can't figure out why everyone's claiming that the teacher is incompetent and is being beaten over the head with angry phone calls left-and-right from parents, and wants to know what the heck is going on.  I have no idea what to do.  Help!

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    ancientgeekcrone 13 years ago

    You are on an ocd site, so I am assuming that you have ocd and a therapist.  Hear me out before you take offense.  Obviously, the school and the admissions departments are being very rigid.  However, from a health point of view, couldn’t The psychiatrist or equivalent person writng an official document that you drop in school physics and be allowed to take it on line or in summer school.  I hear, there’s a lot at stake and this kind of stress ends people with mental and physical conditions into jeaprody.  I hope this suggestion will be useful one way or another.  You know the old saying that "there is more than one way to skin a cat."

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