I Have Suffered From OCD For 15 Years.
I Take Zoloft Everyday, I Have Tried Going To Therapy But Why Talk To Someone Who Still Really Doesnt Understand Even Thought They Have Studied OCD Very Well They Really Dont Understand What We Go Throught, And I Have Been Thinking About Going To An OCD Help Group, I Have Started To Work From My OCD Handbook Everyday.But I Still Constantly Think About Killing Myself Everyday Because I Suffer From OCD Sooo Much. OCD Is One Of The Most Torturing Disorders You Can Have It Torments You Till You Die. And There's Not A Moment In My Life Were I'm Not Thinking About My OCD. My OCD Is Very Sever, So Not Many People I Have Meet With OCD Have It As Bad As I Do. Since Its Hard For Me To Go School And Sit In A Class Room It Might Be Good For Me To Start Online Classes. I Hate It When I Hear People Say Oh I Might Have OCD Because I Do This And That Everyone Has Something Wierd They Do But We Happen To Have To Do It Everyday And It Brings Horriable Anxiety They Really Don't Fuckin Understand, They May Know What OCD Is But They Have No Idea What I Go Through Every Day!! And Not  Everyone That Has OCD Is A Checker Or A Clean Freak That's Like An OCD Myth. I Have HORRIBLE OCD And I'm Not A Checker! A Couple Of My Worst Symptoms Is When Ever I Hear Someone Cough, Sneeze, Snort, Burp, Anything Along Those Lines I Cover My Ears And Snort 2 Times Or Till It Feels Just Right. Also I HATE Feet If Someone Touches There Feet They Are Infected To Me I Cant Touch Them Let Them Touch Me Till There Hands Are Washed. I Can't Touch Door Knobs So I Have To Have People Open Doors For Me. I Have A Bottle Of Clorox Everywere Spray That I Spray Everything With, I Even Sprayed My Keyboard Before Typing This. I Also Do A Lot Of Things In Patterns. My OCD Has Gotten Out Of Control And I Really Need Help.
-Colleen Madeline Harrington.

  1. ancientgeekcrone 13 years ago

    I agree that you are having a rough time.  I  think that the right fit between you and a therapist would be helpful,   However there is another dimmension your have not considered and that is adolescense.  Adolescence can be a very rough time without ocd.  Adolescence and ocd together are like being caught in the spin cycle of a front loading washmachine.  It is an awful lot to  handle.  There is hope however, that is as you move closer to adulthood, the adolescent growing and developing stress would drop off .  Hopefully making coping with ocd symptoms easier  (it will never be easy).

    I and many others on line get relief writing about it.  Also blogging about it just as you have done.  Physical activity help to drain the psychic energy also.  It’s my opinion that eating nutrient rich food is also helpful.  So is doing Yoga or Tai Chi,or Qigong.  Controlled breathing and meditation may give you some temporary relief.  None of these things are cures.  They just help create some quiet places among the chaos of ocd.

    Best wishes and Welcome to the tribe.  Oh, by the way, I thing it would be a great idea, for a little while, would ne on  line courses since it would be easier to do them between ocd episodes. lol

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  2. apehangmom 13 years ago

    hey I know that life is hard… i feel this way .. and have had people tell me fight. i know how bad this is… I have my hard days .. mine is food… mine is germs…  but I do know and value your fight .. I would rather not be here some days.. but its some thign that you have to do ,,and there is a tunnel end. its just not heavan…Its happiness on earth…  but keep tryiing …

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