okay, forgive me if i sound like a whiny teenage girl, despite being an adult, but seriously. i've got a friend, i'll call her c. became friends at age 10. we were so close, we were so similar, i loved her, we had the best friendship, for like a year, and then i started noticing she kept copying people, like one day she literally came to school in 6th grade dressed in the IDENTICAL outfit to a friend of ours, but in a different colour, and i mean same top, same jeans, same shoes, same mini backpack, it was scary, everyone thought it was on purpose and it was like no actually, one person had it all on one day, then c a few days later is in it too. or, she hated michael jackson, then my best friend tara was a huge mj fan and one day c is there saying how great mj is and i'm like i thought you hated him, and she's like 'no?? ive always loved mj!' and then she's got all his cds ?? then it just turned into insane copying vrinda time. i mean like, forget everyone else, let's just totally copy EVERYTHING i do!!! why not! so it was like music, she's there buying all these pet shop boys cds even though she doesnt even like them, in fact 2 other people did this too and they all like sold all the cds as soon as i'd moved overseas, i'm like man you people are weird – but c was excessive. and recently her boyfriend (which this is all going to be about in the end btw), well no a few years ago, he said he was so proud of c for finally selling off her psb cds, as a joke to tease me cause he and i are good friends, and i was biting my tongue to keep from saying 'well its only because shes with you now and you dont like them so now she has to copy you, im gone now you know?' and i have never forgotten her for the 'got milk barbie' episode, when we were 12, and i was saving up for this doll for like a month and everyone knew it, and she one day, when she knows i'm close to having enough for it, she, with the rich parents, calls me up 'hi how are you?' lets me talk for a bit then goes 'oh. well i just rang you to tell you i bought got milk barbie today! okay bye!' seriously. i was so angry, i never bought it myself. (got it on ebay recently though, for way cheaper, so HA!) i mean what WAS that!? [br][br]

so then it went on like this right, i mean like she knew i wanted to dye my hair red, so she dyes it red so i never bothered doing it (wound up making it purply recently instead). i move, and its all oh vrinda im going to miss you so much blah blah blah, and then of course like half the people who said itd never be the same without me, they just dont talk to me after i move you know, whatever, the thing is, my boyfriend, i'll call him d, we broke up because i moved, not for any other reason. man i was in love with him for 3 years. only dated him for 9 months, but it just went on. anyway. i move, c's acting weird, one day she tells me 'btw i broke up with d today'. i'm like huh? when the hell were you together? they had been dating secretly for a month, everyone knew, no one told me ever when i spoke to them. man i severed relationships over that. i was like…if you'd just called me up or something and said hey i'm having feelings for him, how would you feel if i went out with him? we could have talked about it. and i'm sure i would have said can you please give me some time here, but eventually i'll get past this and tell you yes go ahead. right? cause what could i do from overseas? but no. and it was just the fact that it was her really. because every time i liked a guy ever, she would start flirting with him, like i dated this loser joe and he oggled her cause of her big tits, lets face it, and does she act like a good friend and tell him to back off? no she flirts like hell with him. i mean its more detailed than that but thats the summary. things like that kept happening. then id break up with the guy and shed be like 'i always hated him' im like uh…i think not! so i always worried one day she'd take away my bf and guess what she did it. [br][br]

so anyway, up to the present. they broke up, right, and then a couple years later they got together again. now NEVER MIND THE FACT THAT little does she know after they first split up he told me he'd been trying to get to the closest thing to me after i left and he'd thought he could have something with c but realised actually she was a hollow empty shell – his words. i mean she has no idea. but i guess he got to know her better, because actually they are very well suited to each other these days, i don't know what changed, because i wasn't there. whatever. they got together a couple years later. they moved in together a couple years ago. so george and i get engaged. we're planning our wedding. then c is like 'i really need to push d to propose to me' im like why? then he proposes a couple weeks ago. and what does she do? sends me an email to tell me all the details and sends a photo of the ring. i'm like…hahaha okay maybe that's not so weird, but it's just cause it's her, i'm like hey, im the one who was getting married, stop. and then NOW she tells me THEYRE GETTING MARRIED IN OCTOBER – ONE MONTH BEFORE I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i'm like…stop!!!! why the hell do you ALWAYS have to one up me EVERY DAMN TIME! and like…the thing is in the past she did admit to competing with me, being jealous of me. and i'm like, no kidding. so who knows if she still is now or not. but it's driving me crazy that this girl has managed to steal my thunder EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY, apart from i've had a baby first. but she couldnt have planned that you know? and she shows like no interest in my kid at all, but i'm sure when she has a baby it'll be like all she talks about. i keep trying to like end the friendship because i dont know if she does it purpose but even if she doesnt, it makes me so annoyed every time i talk to her, but then for some reason it wont work, she never lets me walk away, and then if she visits like once every few years, we have a great time together, it's just…talking…i dont know. like i dont think she gets me. but anyway. he was my bf first! and why the hell is she getting married before me!? and she's doing nursing in the UK now, so she's applying to work over HERE next year! oh my god. like maybe years ago i'd have been like yay! but now i'm like oh my god. do i just sound like i'm imagining everything and being really weird??? i just told george and he seems baffled by this annoying me so much, but like…can't i PLEASE just have a couple things that are special to me, that are only me doing them, please???  and you know i sent an email on its own saying the date and location of our wedding and she is like 'i dont remember if you ever mentioned anything about the wedding in any emails to me, did you?' god do you pay no attention at all?  and if hers is a month earlier, i'd expect that means they can't afford to come to ours now.  so great.  whatever.  what. EVER. !!

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