i don't spend as much time here as i once did.   my son who is 6 has now been diagnosed with ocd…..well they are calling it "anxiety disorder" which of course it is.  he has a fear of germs and anything he considers to be dirty.  he spits onto his shirt to get "germs out of his mouth", he also licks his hands and cleans his body with his saliva…..it doesn't make alot a sense, there are holes in his theory i admit.  but nevertheless, i totally understand where he is coming from…..i may well be one of the few people on earth who know where he's coming from.  there is a feeling inside us(lets call it what it is) – anxiety – then we do these "things"(rituals) and they make the feeling go away just a little bit and for just a moment, we get relief.  he told me tonight it's always him and me…we are always the same…..i totally got what he meant.  he gets it too.  i will always be his champion, no matter what.  my obsessions are not at their best at the moment either.  i've taken 3/4 of the skin off my right foot and my trich is not going very well either, my checking is escalating…..my obsessive thoughts grow.  my ocd started when i was 10, he is only 6…..i do have fear of what form it will take as he grows up.  it's almost laughable, but people say he will grow out of it…..lol…..he sees a psychologist and even though i will never take medication myself (and i know i probably should) i'm starting to think maybe it could be an option for him sometime down the track if psychology doesn't help…..i don't know, it's sounds completely insane to put a 6yr old on meds….has anyone had experience with their kids and ocd?  i would love to hear from anyone.  i was undiagnosed until i was nearly 30, no one took enough notice of me to see it or question……..i like that i can see my son, i think acceptance and tolerance would go a long way…….. peace


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