I can’t seem to handle confrontation.  Yesterday at my daughter’s ballgame I got into an argument with a couple of mom’s over the all star tournament teams.  Our town chooses to make three teams in which they pick the best kids from each age group to be on a team to play in the little league all star tournaments.  Two 11 year old girls from my daughter’s team were chosen for 11/12 year old team.  My daughter was chosen for the 11year old team. 

One of the mom’s had stated if her daughter was chosen for the 11 year old team she would not be playing. She only wanted her on the 11/12, which is the better team.  It hurt, like they were putting down the 11 year old team.  So of course I just can’t keep my big mouth shut, and had to say something.  The two moms said they didn’t even think there should be an 11 year old team and if the kids should try harder to make the 11/12 team.  I of course said my daughter does try.  I eventually said that that was pretty snobby.  In which one mom said don’t call me snobby.

So I hardley slept at all last night.    I laid awake all night worring about what these moms thought of me.  Why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut.  Worried that they were mad at me. 

My friend said not to worry. That I was just sticking up for my daughter and I have the right to do so.  I don’t know.  I contemplated calling one of the moms and apologizing,but it was late.  So I guess I will just wait for the next game and apologize.  I just don’t know how to quit worrying about if they are mad and can’t quit thinking about what people probably think of me and why do I always make myself look like an idiot with my big mouth.


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