I actually feel good about today! It actually started with last night, but who cares! =D

Last night I was talking with a few of my cloestest friends, and between me and Saby (who I’m moving in with once I graduate high school), we got back onto the subject about moving out when she finished high school one year after me. We then decided to invite our very bestest friend to come with us since most things we liked were 3 bedroom. I was totally stoked when she agreed to it! It’s going to be really fun with three girls so we can outmatch the boys! (My boyfriend might be moving in with us and Saby’s bf is moving in for sure.) ^_^

This morning was a small bump in the road: Thunder. I love the rain, love lightning, but when it comes to thunder I’m literally under my blanket. It woke me up around 3, then 6, and I haven’t slept since. @_@

It was still thundering when I had to go out for a drive time. Thankfully, we had to wait for the flooding to go down/rain to lighten up before we could go out, and the thunder stopped by the time I was driving. It was great! I have the tendenacy to jump when thunder hits, so we didn’t accidently crash at any point. ^_~

It’s been a good day so far. Hopefully watching my baby brother won’t be such a drag. I also have tomorrow to look forward to (going to hang out with Saby), Friday to be excited for (hanging out with Tiff, who I haven’t seen in forever!), and Saturday (going to the mall with Billy and Alex and spending the night at their house)!

Yay goodness. Yay being happy!


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