I’m an 18-year-old girl and all I can say is I’m really confused. I have never been too sure about my sexuality. I’m a virgin and I have never even kissed anyone. My friends see me as straight and I guess I ‘identify’ as straight but I think I might be Bi. My friends sometimes think I’m asexual because they see a guy or girl and think oh that’s a hot guy/girl but I am much more attracted to personalities. I dunno. On top of that, I honestly might be seriously into a woman who works at my school. But I don’t know if I just appreciate her because she is so kind to me (because not a lot of people are) or if I’m like actually into her.

  1. adhaddison 1 year ago

    well, you don’t have to rush yourself to find out. test your attraction to people at your own rate, and remember that you’re never “too old” to discover things about yourself. if you find out that you are bi, then wonderful! just make sure that you don’t push yourself or feel bad while trying to figure it out. these things take time, and figuring new stuff about yourself kinda sucks! but it’s really brave of you for going on this journey instead of just ignoring any potential attraction and continuing to call yourself straight. if you’re straight, alright! if you’re bi, alright! you’re still you no matter what, and a sexuality won’t make you any more of less or a person.

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  2. piscesbs 1 year ago

    Dude, I totally get it. I mean, yea, being 18 and a virgin really sucks, but, think about it: if you did, hypothetically lose your virginity early and didn’t enjoy it, wouldn’t the experience feel like a waste? And, on the flip side you enjoy it, but it doesn’t last long. Okay, so I’m a 18-year-old virgin, too, but you still have lots of time to figure it out. And, on the bi thing, so what? I know it’s super confusing, but it’s a process of finding out who you are as a person! And, sometimes, it can be confusing to whether you like someone or like like someone. They have similar feelings. Lastly, on the kiss, you’ll find the right guy/girl for the moment. It’s all a series of the universe and time working together.

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