My name is Pisces (okay, well it\’s the name I want to go by one day). I\’ve had a REALLY hard life and, when people look at me, they don\’t see the pain inside. They just don\’t! I do my best to stay cheery for people but it\’s real difficult when all that\’s on your mind is trauma, fear/worry, annoyance, hell, even loneliness! My therapists over the years have told me \”use your coping skills and you\’ll be alright\”, but, the fact is, I\’m not quite sure. I rely, however, on my music. Yea, a lot of it is depressing lyrics, but the fact is that\’s the place I go to when I\’m having a rough time. This includes songs by others artists and my own! Yes, my own. I don\’t feel to great, but, at least with my music, I know I can be something, do something that benefits others. They\’ve felt similar feelings to what I\’m feeling and, dagnabbit, I\’ll show people they\’re not alone. So, yea. My name is DJ Pisces {spelled ( \’ )=, technically} and I\’m just trying to make it out here in this big world. I\’ll be a multi-genre artist, even if I don\’t become the next Skrillex.


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