My wife and I have been talking about starting a family. I have always wanted kids but I cannot have them. I had to have my female parts removed because of cancer cells. My wife is not to keen on getting pregnant but she wants to do it for me. One of my best friends has decided that he wants to be our donor. He said that he doesn’t want anymore kids himself so he will gladly donate to us. We are both Irish and Scottish descent and we have decided on using Irish names to name our kids. That is not the problem. Here’s the issue. My in-laws have been so accepting of me and it helps our relationship become stronger because of the support we have. Now when it comes to my parents, they are not in the picture. They only decide to call or come knocking on my door when they need money or want something. Even though they do not come to me to support me or to be there for me, should I tell them that they are going to be grandparents? Another thing is that the child will be biracial. They do not like the whole black and white thing. They hate that I am gay and married. I cannot think about what they will say about my child. Do I tell them that they are having a biracial grandchild or let them figure it out later on in life? I don’t want to sound harsh but they have not been there for me since I told them I was gay about 4 years ago. So where do I go, do I tell them or not???? I deal with their downing me all the time and are never supporting me in my school, career, marriage or anything…. HELP!!!  


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