srry its been a wile…i was a little turneded down to the site since my spamer.But i really should be on here it helps me.Latly there is alot of things going on in my life….Well i got a new car…hot little 1996 chevy cavalier…i didnt pay in full im making payments….I cant do it anyother way cuz im moving out and i need money 4 dat but i need a car to get to work so…But ya Im moving in wit my bf and his roommate.Im in good hands…lol i can say that for the first time in my life who thought? Only reasson i say that is…living with mom wasnt safe…living with gram…was or is crazy…cuz she kinda looses it from time to time.Uh crazy fam.And dad….lets say im not even talking to that junkie.But its crazy things are acctualy fulling into place…taking driving test tomorow.But im nervus…and i already took the test once…and well i choked.Im a great driver but when i got behind the wheel i started shakeing and i wanna know is it the driving instructers job to make u nervus.cuz this chick had a look on her face to kill.uh…im gonna be fine…im gonna be fine…gonna be fine…gotta just keep telling myself dat.I really need this to work out…i have a job, need to get moble, and live on my own…Then persuie my life long dream of being a tattoo artist.I got the man of my dreams…he is amazing.This relationship is so balanced.He gives as much as i do,takes as much as i do..50 50.=* i love him!Well work has been somewhat ok…for work…I've been working my butt off and my manager seems to have chilled figure once me and this dude get on better terms hed get promoted and Id have to get use to another manager.Ya well new manager comes easterday.Im spose to start 2nd shift nxt week but since the new managers coming i cant. which dosent make sence to me. But he wont hav any say once its easter.uh and sunday ended the nightmare of cutting fruit in the cooler. man that shit sucks! U have to ware a jaket to keep warm but you get soaked cuz you have to cut up watermelon,cantolope,honeydue,pinnapple excetra…and u have to mark the day of down and pull stuff from the day before.clean the back do dishes, price new stuff…its a very time costly duty and they make me do it all alone…uh well besides that there is the teamate drama. everyone acts like there in highschool or something….talking behind ppls backs,gospi'n and getting their noses into ur biznes.And it tends to be the older workers to the ppl that are 40 and up tend to be the culperits.everyone my age dont start shit…its funny hun?Like this one lady…ok i was nice to her before i found her call me stupid infront of my eyes.I talked to her about it too…then my friend in deli told me that she said that everyone hopes i get fired once i get on 2nd shift.And this older guy i thought was my firend who wroks 2nd shift…says he dosent think i can do what he dose.I think hes mad that we're switching spots.Idk…itsjust weird and theirs this stupid joke one of the old guys made…and our shipment guy thought it was funny… well i lost my work shirt the day after saint patty's day and this guy said i must have been drinking too much green beer…well the shipment guy keeps bring it up but he didnt hear…the rest of what that guy said and he took it too far…and it made me uncomfortable…but i played it off cuz we're friends but i think this guy might have some thing for me. now i advoid him….But mannagement dosent do anything and my bf would fuck him up. so im trying to let it go but the shipment guy brings it up all the time i know he dosent know the rest of it but…idk.I think itll come up like it always dose i just gotta shack it off. I wanna get tuffer…so creeps wont get to me and ugly jelouse bitches wont get to me ether.Cuz…not to sound vain but i know im pritty…and thats why i get so much flack. I dont do anything to anyone i keep to myself alot. So whatever im gonna get through this…i know…

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    thx hun

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