What do you guys think? Have you ever participated in a trial? What's to anticipate? And do you guys think it's safe?

Here's the link;


The reason I'm considering trying out one of these two drugs is because I was unhappy with the results of the anti-depressants I took a year or so ago. They made me really hot/cold, and they entirely deprived me of a sex drive.

However, these drugs are just being tested for Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, they may not work.


Topiramate sounds scary! (One of the drugs in the title.)
I looked it up here:
But the other one doesn't sound too bad and on wikipedia, it seems to be almost promising (although it doesn't mention about it being treated for OCD, but it does mention it being approved for the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
Both seem to have originally been inteded to be a an  anticonvulsant (antiepilepsy) drug. :/ Weird.
I enquired about it online, and a women called me today to discuss it and answer some questions surrounding it. However, I couldn't speak with her today, as I was running errands, and requested she get back to me.
Should I consider really trying it?
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  1. hancey 12 years ago

    Topiramate is the generic name for Topamax–a drug which has not earned the name "Dopamax" for no reason.  Pregabelin is the generic name for Lyrica.  Do some research using that term to see what you might be looking at.  Also, keep in mind that in clinical trials, you don't get to pick your drug–it is randomly assigned. Personal prefernce, but this would not be for me.

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