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During the time we spend with those around us, our family, friends, and people we meet. We were our masque. Whether to hide our true selves from others, or to bury things inside ourselves. Never letting them show on the surface. Sometimes, even our closest loved ones do not know what is hidden in the depths of our souls, because we are afraid to reveal the hidden pains and burdens we carry.
Late in the night, when all is quiet, and no one is around, we sometimes slip off our masques, and allow things to come to the surface. Trying to face the faceless fears we carry. Sometimes, we are able to come to bear a light on them, and we find they are nothing more than smoke, wisping away in the light and the breeze. Sometimes we find we cannot face them, and slip our masque back in place and leave it for another time. There are some, who are unable to bear what hides beneath, and cannot put the cover back on the Pandora's box of the mind. Sadly, they lose the masque, and for those who survived, we stand around the hole in the earth, and think "that could be me".
What is your hidden fear? How can you face it? Who can you go to when all seems lost, and despair sets in like a huge black cloud, and the fog mists your sight? Are there times when you want to cry out to the night? Will anyone hear you, will anyone care? Never let a true friend or loved oone out of your darkness. Remove the masque, and bear it to the light. Once that is done, you can begin to live, intil that time, you will always have a masque.


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