I have been trying to overcome my anxiety for many years i was first officially diagnosed with GAD in 2,003 and before that i had a lot of social anxiety and health anxiety but i never got checked out i ignored it and kept on living my life.

Well i still am working on overcoming anxiety but it takes a lot of work i was first diagnosed with anxiety at the ER room i was a young cool confident young man in tip top shape atheltic and toned when i first felt chest pain and shortness of breath during a car ride i was rushed to the hospital er room my first visit to a hospital ever well i was given a EKG and a full run of test x-rays and a cat scan nothing was found the MD walked in and sat down crossed his eyes at me and told me to relax it was a anxiety/panic attack and i should go home and finish a bottle of xanax well i did that and one night i was freaking out having a anxiety attack and i took 1 xanax pill and i felt sick still so i was rushed to the ER again within 1 month of my first anxiety attack since then i overcame my anxiety issues from 2,004-2,010 last year in October i had another anxiety attack i went to ER twice that night to two different hospitals they found nothing wrong with my test results anxiety had come back to destroy my life well since then i have been to many doctors and many hospital visits and i have had a MRI for different body parts and many Cat Scans still nothing was found it is my battle to overcome anxiety i quit smoking cigarettes on 03/13/2,011 it made my anxiety levels way worse it is getting better now after almost 9 months of quitting smoking i hope to overcome this anxiety disease one day.

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