I have severe anxiety and cognitive difficulties now from doing a cold turkey off benzodiazepines about 7 years ago.  I’m permanently disabled now because of it.  I have brain and CNS damage now and used to be on the forum benzobuddies.org, but am having problems there and am looking for a new forum to join where I can meet new friends.  I have trouble talking now since getting off the benzo’s and feel better when I can type out what’s going on in my life.  Got up today and got on my computer and checked to see if my online order is going to ship now.  It is.  I do smoke cigs and ordered some tobacco and tubes from a company in another state since my loca tobacco shop is closed now due to the Coronavirus shutdown.  My nerves are a total mess.  Got the laundry done and my right ankle and leg are killing me today.  I lost my appetite too about 7 years ago when I got off the benzo’s.  Some people cannot tolerate certain drugs and I am one of the unlucky ones who had a bad reaction to the Xanax and those types of drugs.  Thanks for listening.  I have very bad cognitive abilities now and don’t know how to figure out this forum very well.

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    becksblue 2 years ago

    If anyone pm’d me with friend request or other comments, I’m sorry if I didn’t reply. I’m having trouble figuring out this website and the forums and groups and blogs, etc.

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