Life is so weird for me…I get so jealous of simply seeing even an elderly person practically run circles around me lol, but you see, I was a runner at one point! I did the whole jog from one end of the vegas strip to the other at ridiculously early morning times when nothing but gardeners were out doing their thing to the casino lawn areas. Now its completely different with my heart condition i am slow i can't run without my heart rate being up and over 200 beats per min 🙁 sometimes even just walking around slowly in a store it is 150s 0r 160s and not even anxious lol its complete bullcrap. granted at the moment there is nothing but a slow waddle from me at the time i am nine months pregnant and have a not-so-fun SVT and IST with my heart. (did i mention i am now a pain in the arse to my DRs?)……hmmm so to round it up right now i have anxiety, a funky heart rythm that my EP thinks i should just live with, constant low potassium, and 9 months pregnant hehehe….really i am a total ball to hang with right now. I look forward to the future though. I believe that i can and will tolerate my conditon(s) and will find them manageable and find that happy medium where i will once again feel healthy and perhaps run again?

Iam thankful to have by my side my husband and my kid…i may not have a mom to be there which i do need but its ok but i have a dad that supports me with just kind and funny words and you know what i love the simplicity of kind and funny words 🙂 it means a lot to me


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