bring me peace of mind and soul, bring my heart back together, all of the shattered pieces. cage this evil within me and forsake it so that it may die and leave me be. take me from the steps of ruin and suffering. give me a life that i am able to live for the one i live now is torture. happyness is not a word i know the meaning of. what does it mean and where do i find myself i this the hours of my need. where shall i go to brake the schackles of depression bound to my hands and feet. which blacksmith can tear them off. which healer can save me. i lived an honest life and an open one. did no wrong to others. gave my enemies water for their thirst and bread for their hunger and yet i am cursed with this disease that ravages my mind and tears down my being. left to fend for myself day by day i feel i am all to weak and see no point in life, yet i still breathe,why? is there a reason for this torment. like prometheus i am punished for trying to do good, yes i am not without fault and not without evil deeds but does deeds done in anger and protection mean i am worthless and must be left to die…. i do not know all i know my days are darker and my soul lost all i crave is an instrument to end my life yet i am to much a coward to attempt suicide for a thirteenth time..what am i to do with all this what am i to say what am i to feel anymore but pain suffering and selfhatred i ask bring me peace so i may once again be me or bring me eternal peace and never again shall i bother anyone on this planet

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  1. EvilWithin 11 years ago

    peace i cant remeber the last time that was radagast and  darkknight i hate it aswell its not like we asked for this illness did we?

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