As i said in my first blog i grew up with a very controlling father. He still thinks he has control over me even though I’m 22 and live on my own. He has to control everything. I wasn’t allowed to text anybody unless i asked to, i had to ask to have a snack or play video games. He was and possibly still is abusive. Like he wouldn’t really beat me and my sisters and brother but he has pushed my sister into a window frame and he whooped my other sister so bad her butt was bruised. He’s got in my face and yelled at me. He used to cuss me out. There was no normal conversation with him. Before I graduated school he told me i had the option to either go to college or join a branch of the military. I didn’t even know what i wanted to do so he would yell at me and cuss me out. I enrolled in college just so i wouldn’t have to go to the military but eventually i dropped out because it’s not something i wanted to do.

So a month ago me and my boyfriend took our 4 month old to his and my stepmom’s house so they could see the baby and i could carve a pumpkin. Well my brother held him for the first time and the baby just starts screaming. When my boyfriend looked over at them it looked like my brother was picking the baby up off the floor. Usually when my little sister holds him her mom or my dad is always right beside her watching her and helping her but when my brother was holding him nobody was watching him. Me and my boyfriend both jumped up to get him and he wouldn’t stop crying until i had him. My boyfriend made a comment that he watches him when his family holds him and it pissed of my dad and stepmom. I get why it upset them  and he admits he shouldn’t have said it the way he did but he’s not sorry about it but at the end of the day we’re only worried about the safety of our kid and not how other people feel.

I haven’t been back over there since it happened. My dad has also messaged me and said that he has kept his mouth shut about my boyfriends past snide remarks but now he won’t. My dad has always had a problem with him. It doesn’t matter if he’s doing good or not. My sisters ex boyfriend is more accepted by him than my own boyfriend is and it’s irritating for the both of us because he doesn’t really have anything to do with him. My dad’s birthday is coming up and so is thanksgiving but since my dad wants to be so confrontational i have to make up excuses of why we won’t be there. My boyfriend also doesn’t want me there because my dad has been talking to a girl who my sister works with for the last three years who just happens to be a year older than me. She refuses to do anything with him but it’s still disgusting and very wrong that he’s talking to a girl a year older than me. I could just tell him the truth of why we won’t be there but there is no reasoning with him, he’s childish and he never admits he’s wrong. He still has control over me even though i haven’t lived with him in 4 years and i’m honestly afraid of him. He’ll take it all the wrong way and it’ll cause drama for me.


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