They lacked empathy, were entitled and treated people as objects to be used.    They were dismissive, consistent  contemptuous treatment of others , combative, antagonist, intelligent. and the inability to regulate their emotions etc.  They lacked the ability to feel remorse in their treatment of others.   They were manipulative and cruel.     Yes, they could say a general and vague apology for their actions when they knew someone was leaving them or they wanted someone back but it wasn’t sincere.

I may of survived a relationship with someone with these traits but the cruelty of the overall experience was life changing.

One out of 5 CEOs tends to have these chilling traits! The utter lack of empathy, self serving, and singular focus is mind boggling that I dealt with in the relationship from him! Yes, he is a CEO…..

If only they started teaching 12 year olds in school a class called “Healthy Relationships.” We can’t assume that all children grow up in environments that demonstrate healthy relationships and that they are loved and treasured for their own unique and wonderful selves!

The wrecking ball effect of people with people with these traits can be especially long lasting and they can shatter people’s hearts.

Cluster  b personality antagonistic patterns can damage and destroy others lives.  I feel for people who are currently have someone like this in their life.   The lying, deceit, lack of remorse, a willful cruelty,  lack of shame, are a toxic mix of traits to experience from someone.

People need to learn as much as they can about the types of toxic personality types and know what a healthy relationship looks like! Then, they can get out fast when they are in a toxic relationship verses getting emotionally damaged! Beware of charm and the feeling of a fairy tale relationship! Run!


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