And there was hope. I got another letter from UC, saying that I do qualify for DE UC.  Great. Frustrating thing is, if the people would have told me this information I found out today then I could have had money by now. Basically in order for PA to pay me uc I have to have had made money in pa it’s combined wage stuff, okay, I never did this before so great, people are so helpful, after a month, I find out that I have to go to de to file. Now I have to call pa to make sure they transmit the info to de, and this way I can get my backpay from all this time I’ve been waiting, and then go to de on wednesday and file in person, making sure they have the info that pa submitted to them… nice… more waiting.  on the positive side? I have hope. Money will be coming in one of these days or weeks… and I just have to call my creditors and explain this stupid situation to them and hope they don’t bang me w/late fees etc.  But, I’m trying to look at the positive side of things right.

Yeahy, another thing I finally did today, I have an 80 Mustang Cobra that I’ve been fixing up for a number of years, and now that I’m bored and almost finished w/it, I want to sell it, and what better time to do so when I am flat broke. I took that step to put it up for sale on Vehix & Comcast auto.  Yeahy.  I hope that I can get a quick sale, then again, I need to fix the reverse lights, and get it inspected, that’s the only thing left to do. Take it for it’s final rides from myself and onto the new owner it goes…hopefully quick.  I’m not looking forward to working on it in the cold ass weather though, my only rule for working on cars, I do NOT work on cars in the winter unless it’s the necessary oil change on my other car.  Something about the 30 degee temps that give my joints rigamortis lol. I’ll upload a pic on here just for anyone who wants to see my progress on it, I’m sad that I don’t have the process pictures, I took those from my old phone and then it broke before I got to upload them on my computer, so that sucks, but, hey, at least I have the after pics.. that’s my news for the day 🙂


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