The thoughts running wild inside my mind,

my brain, I swear I never seem to find,

Pains smashing through my windows,

Depressions knocking at my door,

Not like it’s never happened before,

My mind is racing and pacing,

i’m falling to the floor,

i’m crying out in pain,

but i have nothing to gain,

i’m tried of this suffering,

like my lifes on a computer and it won’t stop buffering,

stuck inside the same old pain,

their stuck inside their same old ways,

i cover my ears and open my mouth,

try to scream nothing comes out,

you all seem to ask are you okay,

but you gotta remember we’ve all felt this way,

I know you are hurting,

i’m hurting too,

i know your suffering and feeling so blue,

I’m suffering myself but I want to protect you,

I’m angry and sad and have mixed emotions,

I try not to cause to much commotion,

but when you ask if i’m okay,

and i say i’m fine i’m laying anyway,

i’m not okay,

nothing is fine,

i apologize that I have lied,

But the pains so deep and the suffering long,

I feel like it’s my fault like i’m always in the wrong,

I’d tell you more but that’d give it away,

that i’m not the happy momma you all think and say,

I wish i could show you whats deep inside,

but would you care or would you mind?

If you saw what I really am,

If you saw the Maham,

i’m sorry that i can’t fake it today,

but if your feeling blue i’ll always protect you,


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  1. deadsoulx 3 years ago

    its AGAIN a beautiful poem!! <3
    you are professional , dude!!

    1 kudos

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