I am a creature of the night
Sunlight is no longer useful to me
As it burns my tired eyes
Darkness suits me,
And I wear it around my frail body
As an invisibility cloak.

I find solace in the empty streets
The inky black shadows are no threat
But a comfort.
I do not fear these places
Like I used to,
As my biggest fear has come true..
I lost you, so how can anything come close to scaring me after the agony of watching you leave.

I am beyond terror.
I travel in solitude,
For there is no longer your warm hand to hold.
This city is unfamiliar in the dark,
I know the streets so well,
But now each place holds mystery
Morphing by the minute into unknown territory
Yet to be explored

I have no purpose to these nightly wanderings
No destination to reach
And no person to see
Yet I need to go where my feet or wheels take me.

I liken myself to a rat .. Scurrying along searching for scraps of something decomposing to survive
And my survival is in merging with the night

Waiting til humans are asleep in their warm beds

Until the last drunken rambler has staggered away
And I am the only one left, it seems.
I am an I again, there is no us,
The us I knew has died
And I have died too.

Which is why I am resonating with the night.
The place where the ghosts of lost souls meet.
Pass through me as my body is now hollow and made of cloth.

I am my mourning clothes yet they barely contain my soul.
It is my soul that leads me to wander
Down these winding streets.

Summer is no longer my season of choice..
Hybernation is the name of the game
Until the moon returns and circles around me
And calls me to her.

I live by the cycle of the moon.
This void of emptiness my dwelling place, my home…
The sky
Is my ceiling,
The houses my walls
The pavement my carpet…

This is my new home…

now that you are gone.

  1. longhuggs41 15 years ago

    I, noticed this new blog and was curious, so obviously i read! You, stated your feelings wel, but i must disagree with your observation of yourself! Your not a mystical creature at all! First off, bats, rats and vampires do not write blogs or would they take the time to, even write and think before doing! Also, you said you went out on a date but ended criminally! I, hope you immediately called the police and received medical attention for obvious reasons! I, don't agree with the other comments, they seem oblivious to the fact that you were violated as a woman! And, it's so obvious that you are such a kind,caring individual! I'd, take care of this creep! I, hope this really didn't happen and just writing, when you find the strength, like myself, to do! Well, i'm 41 trying to get the courage to hit the lowsy dating games! Women, tell me i'm handsome, funny and a good guy, but that doesn't mean anything to them because i'm looking for a descent paying job and don't have the funds to pay her bills! I,ve, said enough and by reading your thoughts and replying in my best way, i feel not alone, in a way! A, sick thought, i realize, but that's the real  world, unfortunately! Well, on your next date, buy a taser gun their 89 bucks here and i, genuilly would like to know, if this crime happened! With, my anxiety i really get upset! Take care and if my comments bother you, just let me know, i'm not on here to lecture people regarding their own decision-making!

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  2. bluebellgirl 15 years ago

    believe me, it did happen, but my writing wasnt about that , it was about my fiancee leaving me.. it might have looked confusing.. i was replying to johnnys comment and i told him i'd just been attacked

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