I am very glad that I found the tribe. I am hoping that being able to touch base with people who suffer as I do will help me to get clear in my life. I am at a point were I need to make some decisions. I am an almost-empty nester. My youngest son leave for the air force in February. I was recently terminated from a new job for standing up for people who have no money and no local political power. Months ago, I moved to my current location. I hate the area but because I felt obligated to follow my better half, whose job was here. All of these things and many more barbs have hit me hard over the past few months. I’ve always had depression, but it has never been this bad. I feel no one understand and every where I turn there is something that reminds me of negative events or thoughts. I don’t want to wall myself up in our house. My mate is passively aggressively pushing me to find new employment and to pulling myself out of depression. He is very much about financial security and being logical. I feel I need time to cocoon myself and heal. I want a peaceful life. I’m tired of killing dragons as I did in my past career. I have made up my mind to change my career and get rid of most of the stress from work. My major crossroads moment comes from having to decide if I’m going to move away. I love my partner, and for me there is no other, but I find no comfort or beauty where I currently reside. Even the people I’ve met in this area are rude aristocratic scum. I need a more positive atmosphere where I can get out into nature. Nature has always eased my depression. In my soul I feel like if I don’t get away from this place and awful people I won’t be able to heal.

Any advise will be welcomed.

  1. Twyla 13 years ago

    Thanks for all the kind words.

    My partner works on the water so he is on a boat two weeks out of the month. He would be able to be with me the two weeks he is not on the boat during the month no matter where I am located. He would only need to travel. He has stated he does not want to move again because we are currently residing in his hometown. All of his friends are here, his family and his hobbies. We even live in his childhood home, which we bought. There is no way he is willing to sell this house to buy another some where else.

    I understand that, so I”ve been looking for a motor home to buy on Craig”s list. Something small that I can afford on my own and operate. Even if I can only take weekend trips out of this area it would help. I just can”t pull myself out of the rut I”m in and I believe this location has a lot to do with my current depression.

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  2. Twyla 13 years ago

    thanks for the comments ladies.

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