Today was my wife’s thirty-fourth birthday.  I think it went rather well.

She had to work yesterday and today.  She’ll probably be working tomorrow as well.  Because of this, I took her to lunch on Thursday.  It was officially designated a birthday lunch, so I think she thought that was all I was doing for her.  Instead, I also:

  • Made dinner of chicken parmesan, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli
  • Presented her with a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake.
  • Took the kids to pick out birthday cards–even one from the cat.
  • Presented her with a purple Pittsburgh Penguins hat she was wanting.
  • Presented her with a knit Pittsburgh Penguins tuque she was wanting.
  • Presented her with the most recent book from an author she enjoys (Fool by Christopher Moore).
  • Presented her with a dvd of Dead Like Me: Life After Death.
  • Presented her with a $50 gift card to a local store she likes.
  • Got our son to present her with an Opus book by Berkeley Breathed.
  • Got our daughter to present her with a Pittsburgh Penguins car kits, including key chain, tag holder, tag, decal, and window waver.

The card that I gave her to read during the cake and present time was humorous, as I did not want to force sentiment upon her while she is still so upset with me–at least not in front of so many people who do not know we are having problems (our kids, her mother).  I also gave her a more serious card with a personal note written inside, but that one was left for her in her car.

She really seemed to enjoy everything, but if her reaction to the 2nd card is anything like her recent reactions to affection (of any sort) from me, it probably pissed her off and ruined her day.  I hope it didn’t go down like that, but there’s nothing to be done about it now.  Every word in the card was truth, so it can’t be helped.


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