I wish that I could be safe for once

I wish that I could stay, not run

I wish that I knew I was enough

I wish that I could find someone


Sometimes I feel these glass walls

Sheltering me from the bombs

No matter how loud it is outside

I find peace in my place to hide


But a few days later I have to wake up

A few minutes later the bullets come

They pierce my skin, leave blood on the walls

And that’s when I feel broken and small


In his arms I felt quiet and calm

In your arms I feel brave and strong

I feel vulnerable cause your warmth is gone

But somehow it doesn’t feel wrong


It’s like all emotion has left me

I’m empty

Or maybe I’m calm

Can’t tell cause it’s been so long


I feel lost without my guiding star

Wandered off the path too far

I miss you but I don’t know where you are

The bullets come, leave more scars


I crawl into my cage late at night

Tired, hopeless, lost the fight

When will everything start to feel right?

I’m losing my mind


I collect the pieces of my shattered mind

And piece them together, line by line

The glass looks pretty in the sun

Makes me think i’ll find someone


I wish i could be okay for once

I wish that i could be free, and run

I wish that i was strong enough

To wait to be found by the one.


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