daddy this is to it’s a letter that i will never get to give to u a letter that comes from my heart and how i feel bout this whole situation. well when i was old enough to know what was wrong with our family was after u died. i realized why mom was mad all the time and why you guys always fought. i hated it when you guys fought you yelled so loud that i had to run to neighbors houses just so i didn’t have to hear it. it scared me so much and when mom said she was going to divorced you it scared me but she said it so much that after awhile i ust thought when we left it was an adventure i didn’t think of it as we’d never come back cuz i knew we always would. the day that you left for prision was the second sadest day in my life. you said you’d be back, and i always said when’s daddy coming home mom would say in a lil bit honey. the last time i saw u when u could walk and talk you were very sick and mom said she thought you had a fever and you said ik but the guardes won’t let me go to the nurse. when we got the call that you were in the hospital i didn’t really understand and to tell you the truth i kinda didn’t care cuz i was so young but when i got to the hospital to see you, you scared me bcuz you were all puffy and yellow and had all these machines hooked up to you. i would talk to you and you wouldn’t talk back but you found a way to let me know you loved me and could hear me i said i love you and i miss you and i want you to come home and when can you, and i saw a tear roll down your face that one tear let me know you loved me too!!! on the day you died i went to school not knowing anything not knowing until after school when mom told me that my daddy went to heaven and i would never see him again i fell to the ground and started kicking,screaming, and crying. after that the first thing i said was who is going to walk me down the aisle can you believe that’s wat i was thinking… i can’t. daddy now whenever i hear that song butterfly kisses it makes me cry bcuz i miss you. i don’t have a daddy hear like all the other girls telling them that they can’t date until they’re married ik girls hate that but i really want a daddy to tell me that. i love and miss you soo much daddy you meant the world to me so many ppl not just me miss you.

i love you daddy!!

love ur daddy’s little girl-britty wee

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  1. mynx559 16 years ago

    Huggs huggs and more huggs.. I have tears in my eyes. HAng in there honey and keep him close to your heart.
    I lost my father inlaw on Jan 27/06 (we were very close) but I know its not comparable to your own father… I worry about my dad all the time. He’s an alcoholic and 49yrs. old. Im expecting another 3 yrs with him max. When Im ready to talk about him Im sure you will have advise for me… so if theres anything I can do for you let me know.

    Yours Truly, Shann

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