this is about an experience that happened to me in the hospital

Im in the hospital haven't eaten for three days the nurse won't even give me the decency to use the restroom by myself they say i have to at least drink or they will do a procedure to me im not going to like so i drink all the apple juice they leave and come back tell me there going to intravenously feed im scared of iv's i want my mom i want to go home when the lady comes with stuff i tell her no she calls for another doctor who tells me i can't make good decisions so they have to make them for me and if i don't do it they'll put me in restraints im scared but im stubborn i still say no she tells me okay and explains to the lady who is with me they will be arm restraints i am tired i just want to rest but it is a little while later when a man and two women come in the man does something to the bottom of my bed and complains how hard it is to put restraints on a bed then at the same time they grab my arms and try to pull them to the side i try to resist but im to weak i tell them to stop but they ignore me I tried to resist but they were stronger i told them to stop but they didn't a nurse asked them if they wanted help but they declined till i was tied to the hospital bed and all i could do was struggle against the restraints they told me to be still because i could hurt myself or them i almost yanked the iv out not listening they tightened my restraints and said if i did pull it out they would put it back in then finally because i wouldn't stop fighting against the restraints they knocked me out twice this was the scariest experience in my life

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    Sounds rough

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