Can you take my pain away for me? Can you help me threw my bad days? Can you be there when i need someone to talk to Can you help me when i cry? Daddy all i want is you to understand me throw the bad and good. You always fight with me you just dont see what i am you dont see i’m in pain. Dad all i want from you is to see me look into my eyes and dont say you dont pain! im always hiding if from you cause you really dont care if im in pain you dont see it just look into my eyes and tell me daddy i just want you to understand me you are my only dad and it hurts me when you dont talk to me when i had a bad day you just call me a drama queen but im not i dont like it when you call me that i just want you to take my pain away but you wont listen to what i have to say no more you always drinkin i dont see you no more. All i want is to be there when i need someone to cry to but we cant just talk no more we fight you dont know what i go threw at school im just tryin my hardest but you dont see that im tryin my best to be the best child you have but i cant when you dont listen i cant when you dont know that i have pain Dad please for my birthday be there Dad when im down be there to  hold me Dad when i cry be there to make me happy again im just telling this cause im BROKEN!


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