FOR EVERYONE THAT WROTE A COMMENT, THANK YOU.   dudes or women it really fucking hurts to hear things that i have from my girlfriend but you all that dont know me it is like DAMN. the hardest part about this all is that usually i get angry or mad when people say shit that you know is true but you hide from it. my daughter is my world and to think that she is being hurt by her own dad is making me second think that i was ever a great father. i though i was doing good by just drinking and giving up drugs. AA is the way, the step is right there. do i want to go hell yes, am i ready f**k no. things or events that i am running from are shit that i am fuckin scared to bring back. YEA I KNOW EVERYONE HAS THEM. today is monday and i cant remember the last day i didnt drink. right now as i am writing this i am thinkin of everyone that i dont know or know that this is affecting. my daughter is my life she is my reason in life. NOW LIKE SO MANY I HAVE TO is funnya group of people that i havent seen put the world in front of me instead of me looking back at the world. who would of thought that me couldfeel this feeling of defeat once again. to all that wrote once again thank you. tommorrow is a new day and i hope by talking with you and my girlfriend that maybe for a day that drinkin isnt on my mind. then aa on wednesday if i can find a group then. first step looks tough well it is tough . keep you posted.      



to all those that wrote i will try to get you added to my friends cause  the few of you are worth havin as friends cause my friends have never made it that clear or talk about it.


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