Hey, I’m gonna make this blog I guess a journal of my daily life and thoughts? See my progress I guess. Today was actually alright. My antipsychotics were increased yesterday to 100mg so I was actually able to sleep. I slept until 10am, I wanted to sleep in later but it’s okay. I’ve been really drowsy because of the increase of my med and tomorrow my mood stabilizer is increasing as well. I guess I’m gonna be a zombie again for a while, which is fine. Um, but I ate breakfast! Big milestone :). I haven’t eaten anything else but it’s fine. I also cleaned out my car and drove around for a few hours. Then I went to the shelter to see the kitten I’m adopting, I named her Bentley. I’m going to work this week again, I’m kinda nervous. The next few months may be hard because I’m also picking up another job in a week. I’ve been having really bad urges recently, I got drunk this morning. I feel like shit for not being sober. I also found out I’ve been emotionally abused for months so that’s kinda cool. I’m seeing my therapist about that tomorrow. But yeah that’s my day, woohoo.


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